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 Post subject: Re: That Darn Seagull Story from Denny!
Unread postPosted: June 18, 2017, 12:54 pm 
That story was hilarious and had me laughing my butt off. My wife looked at me like i was crazy then i had her read it and she too got a good laugh about it. Leave it to my dear ole Aunt Shirley to know what happened to those earplugs and to say a seagull took them and had them for dinner is just priceless. She seemed to have a answer for everything and anything. I seem to vaguely remember her telling me about that day. If i remember correctly you and my Aunt and Uncle and two cousin's spent a few of you're birthday's at the Soo together. They seemed to always go camping at the Soo that time of the year for a week-10 days and after my Uncle retired they would sometimes stay two weeks. I know they also caught up with you and your parents quite a few times at Port Huron as well. I sure do miss them alot and think about them often. They were some of the nicest people you could ever meet that's for sure.
I have really enjoyed you're stories Denny my friend. I look forward to maney more and im sure revenge of the seagulls will be a classic.
We will keep you and your mom in our thoughts and prayers and hope her back surgery goes well with no complications and she recover's quickly. I know it's tough but remember that God doesn't hand us anything he knows we can't handle. Stay strong and positive.
Take care my friend and thank you for all that you do here at boatnerd with your port reports and all your information you pass on to other's.
Dan McNeil

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 Post subject: That Darn Seagull Story from Denny!
Unread postPosted: June 17, 2017, 9:50 am 
Okay everyone and all you boatnerds out there. This story will that I wish to share with you will surely leave you "laughing your pants off I hope and also wishing and hoping that after you read this one that it will also leave you laughing so hard that you will have tears running down your faces and that you will hurt from laughing so hard about it!" I would like to make a request though for my good and dear friend Daniel McNeil as I hope that somehow he gets to see this story and reads it and has pleasant memories of his dear Aunt Shirley from Saginaw. For Dan, this story is dedicated to your dear Aunt Shirley. My mom also wanted me in the worst way send this story in as well. So, here it goes everyone as we start this one with the appropriate title "That Darn Seagull Story!" It was back in the mid-1990s sometime while I was up at the Soo vacationing with my folks and the McNeil family from Saginaw. One day as we were all down at Mission Point waiting on a ship to pass by us at the time, I used a set of earplugs when trying to get the ship to blow us a salute. Sometimes I use the earplugs as the sounds can be hard on my ears and hearing. So, apparently I must have been very excited to have gotten the salute from whatever ship it was at the time! I recall that I must have taken out the earplugs and then maybe set them on a park bench at Mission Point or a Picnic Table? Later on, as I went back to look for the earplugs they were gone and I had no clue or idea as to where they were or what happened to them. I then asked everyone and know one seemed to know what happened to the earplugs or where they went? There was one person who did have the answer though believe it or not as far as what happened to those earplugs and where they went to at the time. It was Shirley McNeil and she told me "A seagull had taken my earplugs and swallowed it and ate it up and had it for dinner!" Looking back then, it wasn't funny then at the time but everytime we would see each other Shirley would always tell me the story about the Seagull taking and eating my earplugs. That story as you might well imagine gets talked about all the time with my family and we always get a good hard laugh out of that story as who can imagine a seagull taking Denny's earplugs and eating them without him seeing or noticing it? Well it gets better because in August of 1997, another story for you all someday "The Revenge of the Bird and Seagull is another classic story that you will love and laugh at someday!" Trust me when I say that the Revenge of the Seagull story in 1997 is almost as good as the first one about the bird and maybe even better but, that one you will all have to wait and be patient for as it will be told someday. For now enjoy this story!

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