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 Post subject: Re: Happy Patriot Day and God Bless America
Unread postPosted: September 11, 2017, 2:17 pm 
Well boatnerds, as said and promised we delivered today as far as lunch goes for our local township firefighters. We gave them a very special Little Caesars Pizza today and we thanked them for all they do for my township and the residents and people here and we also thanked them as well for all they did for my Mom when she was alive as well. Without these specially trained men and women who are truly the unsung heroes on this Patriot Day and everyday, who knows as far as how long we may live on God's earth that is when we are dire need of EMS services! Without these volunteer special firefighters and trained EMS people, there's is no way to ever know how long my Mom would've made it with her high blood pressure issues and 12 years prior with my late Father and his heart ailment as well. These firefighters deserved my thanks, gratitude along with recognition today and everyday for all they do for folks like me and others in my township along with the policemen as well. Again on this anniversary of 9/11 and Patriot Day, let us always give thanks to the first responders and the brave men and women who are specially trained to be there for us when we need them and let us also NOT forget as well to thank our brave men and women of the Armed Services as they are also truly the unsung heroes as well on this day. For they are sent into battle and into harm's way to protect us and our freedoms that we value so much of today and always. We can never ever thank our brave veterans and service men and women for all they do for us. God Bless them!

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 Post subject: Happy Patriot Day and God Bless America
Unread postPosted: September 11, 2017, 10:03 am 
Just wishing everyone today a Happy Patriot Day today across the U.S.A. today although it is the 16th anniversary today of 9/11 it is indeed a very sad and somber day today as we remember along with honor the victims of that horrible and tragic day and we also mourn with them today their terrible loss of human life and their loved ones, family and friends that were lost on that terrible day. We also today remember and honor the truly unsung heroes of that day the first responders, fire and police department personnel along with the passengers that wrestled control of Flight 93 away from the terrorists that unfortunately crashed into that field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. As we all know and remember, Flight 93 was headed for Washington that sad and horrific and terrible day and who knows where it would've ended up at had the passengers not tried to take control of that plane? They among many were the unsung Patriot heroes of that terrible day. So today at some point let us all take a moment of reflection to pause and pray along with remembering and honoring the many lives that were lost on that sad, horrific and terrible day and to count our many blessings as well in our own personal lives as well for as my late Father always told me "Count your blessings as things could always be worse!" He certainly taught me well as my Mother did as well. Also anyone that has the chance and time today, do something good today as well for yourself and make a good deed as well. Last year in 2016 I started a tradition to which I plan to continue today as I got an extra pizza by mistake last year so what did I do with it but, take and give it to our local firefighters on the 9/11 anniversary last year as a token of thanks for all they do. This year I intend to do it once again not only for the 9/11 anniversary but, to also thank them for all they did for my Mother when she was alive as far as them responding and helping save her life when she was in dire need of EMS response. For without EMS services, she may not have made it and lived for as long as she did and this is my way of thanking our local EMS in return. So bottom line, please try to make an effort today to so something good for somebody as they will feel good and you will also feel good. Thanks and God Bless!

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