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 Post subject: Re: Remembering a true boatnerd friend
Unread postPosted: November 9, 2017, 2:17 am 
Thank you so much for the kind words and shareing some memories with everyone about my Aunt and Uncle and two cousins Richard and Mark. You're truely a great friend and wonder kind hearted person. I can't believe myself that it's been 6yr since my beloved Aunt Shirley passed away and 5yrs since my beloved Uncle Dick passed away and only a few years since Richard passed away and going on 19 years since my mother passed away when I was 16. Not a day goes by that I don't think about all of them. My Aunt and Uncle were truely amazing people and would always help anyone in need. I spent maney days following the boats up and down the Saginaw River as well as at the Soo and Port Huron with them. Even on slow days when we would be at the Soo or Port Huron my Aunt and Uncle always found a way to make them enjoyable.
I'm very happy you were able to meet them and yor family became close friends with mine. You're parent's were wonderful people and im glad i got to meet them. I know you're Mom and Dad are in heaven haveing a good time together with my Aunt and Uncle and Cousin Richard as well as my mother. It truely means alot to me that you rememberd my Aunt and Uncle on the anniversary of there passing. Always remember Denny your parents are proud of you Denny and they are always with you in you're heart and i know they would be happy and proud that you are liveing you're life and enjoying your time at the river. They would want you to be doing what you're doing and im sure they love the tributes you do for them with the flowers and dedicating the salutes you get too them.
I know i haven't been in touch in awhile but i have been following your Autumn Thunder post on the other page and im very happy you are doing what you love and makeing so maney trips out to the river. I've had alot going on in life recently. I've been sick and busy with alot of other things. We have been busy training our 9mo yellow lab to be my service dog as well as looking for a bigger house and we had to get a new car since my wife and I were in a wreck a couple of months ago. My wife's sister also lives with us too. She's 47 with the mental capacity of a 6yr old. We got custody of her after my Wife's mom passed away the beginning of the this year and it's been a huge adjustment for us. Her sisters been haveing alot of behavioural problems that we have had to take care of so needles to say things have been really busy.
Thanks so much again for everything Denny. You and you're family will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers and we will stay in touch. God Bless you my friend.

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 Post subject: Remembering a true boatnerd friend
Unread postPosted: November 6, 2017, 8:50 pm 
Just wanted to express my prayers and thoughts and say how truly sorry I am that this is late. However, I want to let my good friend as well Daniel McNeil know that yesterday your Uncle Dick McNeil and the entire McNeil family were in my thoughts and prayers. For Dan he would always tell me about how his Aunt Shirley and Uncle Dick as well would always talk about my Mother and Father. Danny, I can't tell you how often my folks and I would think about your Aunt, Uncle and cousins as I feel truly blessed and honored to have met and known such fine people along with you and your Mother as well. Dan your Aunt, Uncle and cousins were some of the nicest people you could ever know and meet and they never said anything mean or bad and they would do anything for you if you asked them! It is hard now to believe that it was 5 years already yesterday that I heard the news that your Uncle Dick had passed on and was reunited again with your Aunt Shirley. They were two of the most wonderful and nicest folks I will ever know and even today I think about them along with Richie and Mark often. In less than two weeks it will be hard to believe that it will be 6 years already that your Aunt Shirley passed away and I always laugh and think of her and her humorous side as she always knew how to brighten your day with a laugh and smile. She would always tell me about the Sam Laud or "Loud Mouth" as she would often nickname and call her and talk about the Saginaw along with the Wolverine and Captain Pat Nelson! Those were the good 'ole days and I'll always remember and never forget them or your Aunt and Uncle and cousins. Now your Aunt, Uncle and Rich are up in heaven with my Mom and Dad sharing stories and laughs and good times! God bless Dick, Shirley, Rich and Mark McNeil very nice people.

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