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 Post subject: Re: Plans for an turn of the century G.L.freighter?
Unread postPosted: November 4, 2010, 2:52 pm 
Perhaps contact the Dossin Great Lakes Museum?

Dossin Great Lakes Museum
Strand Dr.
Belle Isle
Detroit, MI 48207

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 Post subject: Plans for an turn of the century G.L.freighter?
Unread postPosted: November 2, 2010, 12:29 pm 
Dear shipmodellbuilders,

looking for plans to build my next 1:100 cardmodel by scatch.

I'm searching for the overwaterlined formerdrawings and all the details of the ships superstructure to build a waterlinemodel of an early Great Lake Freight Steamer.
Not to stop my work on modelbuilding I'm forced to build my models from paper, balsawood, thick and thin cardboard and odds&ends by scartch. This because I'm forced to keep my hobby as cheap as possible.

Because I'm interested in the nicelooking tall funneled bulk freighters at all and differend building solutions for steam colliers in special - there is no wonder that I went to the early Lakers.

The great lakes freight steamers S/S Kliyuga or S/S Chicargo Tribune or the Lumber Hooker S/S Langell Boys are ships I think they will fit to me because they are :

* not too large/long (usualy 160-210 ft -max. 250ft)
* have got a tall funnel with rigging and 5° of fall
* engineroom hatches oponed to give a view on the steamengines top and parts piping
* scening: ship at anchor lots of doors open
* no complex rigging
* no selfloading gear
* flag and ligth signals historicaly correct to time and situation
* not too sophisticated wheelhouse, ect.

These are the charasterstics I'm looking for when I start a modelproject:
"Keep the original simple you are going to build - so the project will step foreward step by step;
so you'll see progress, this is why you can add some more extras in the detailing in a kind
no one else would do such a horrible thing and so we'll all get to an happy ending."

Luckily I do build waterlinemodells so I do not need the underwaterpart of the bodyplan, but instead I try to get much detail of wheelhouse and superstructure so it'll be very fine in detailing - as far as my glasses let me do. I usualy invest a plenty of time in the decks details and the inner of the wheelhouse and other largewindowed or widehatched rooms - those not too deep to show on a WLmodel.

Can anybody do some help to me with some drawings of this kind? Or do you know some books with propper drawings inside, printet good enough to enlarge in a Copyshop - so it would make sence to borrow it from the libary?

At the moment I do work in my "cardyard" on S/S Warkworth from Dr. Charles V. Waine's wonderfull book "Steam Coasters and Short Sea Traders" in1:100.

Thank you very much for your intersting homepage,



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