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 Post subject: Alpena long unloading time in Green Bay
Unread postPosted: November 5, 2017, 7:57 pm 
Hello i just called the Str.Alpena vessel information tape and as of 430pm on Saturday November 4th they are unloading in Green Bay and have a Estimated Departure time from Green Bay of 8AM Tuesday November 7th. I have a few questions that maybe someone could answer. This seems like a long unloading time for them. How long does it typically take them to Unload at that dock in Green Bay? Do they have a larger load and that's why it's a long offload for them there or because they offload into the S.T. Crapo and she unloads into the silos that the reason for the slower unload time? Or is it possibly another reason why it's going to be such a longer unload time like are they doing repairs also or something of that matter? Also whenever one of the cement boats unload there in Green Bay do they unload enough product to fill the cement silo and also load a storage cargo on the S.T.Crapo like they did when the E.M.Ford was a storage vessel up in Carrollton on the Saginaw River? When the Ford was a storage vessel on the Saginaw River up in Carrollton at there former dock they had there the Cement Boats would tie up next to her and unload there cargo into her and she would unload into the silos and once they had enough product in the silos they would then unload the rest of there cargo into the Ford and load her. Sorry for such a long post and so maney questions. I just thought it seems like it's taking the Alpena a longer time then usual to Unload at Green Bay this trip. I'm no expert here just a shoreside boatwatcher and from what I've noticed over time she seems to only take 16-24 hours to unload her cargos and sometimes less. Thanks so much for any information anyone can provide.

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