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McKeil Spirit in Rochester NY
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Author:  Guest [ June 11, 2021, 1:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: McKeil Spirit in Rochester NY

Recent Rochester NY Cement Dock Factoids:

The wooden surfaced dock that served before and after the recent millennium was destroyed in an arson fire in 2015. It was quickly replaced with a temporary structure made from "rent-a-caissons" because most of the cement used in Rochester area construction comes in through that facility, and an interruption of any significant length would have far reaching consequences. The new dock was ready for the 2018 season, and not surprisingly, used no wood beams or decking.

The charred clumps of wooden pilings visible along the west river bank are remnants of the previous "coal trestle(s)", which also fell victim to a series of arson fires around the 1970s, fortunately long after they were abandoned.

The bluff north of the river overlook use to be the home of Penna.>Genesee Feldspar Company, imported from Canada and used in glass-making. You can still find chunks of the mineral along the trails there, reddish colored, like Bon Ami cleanser for a reason, that's what it's made from.

If you look up from the river overlook east of the parking lot at the foot of Boxart Street you will see power lines crossing the Genesee River with one of those orange ball thingys on them for visibility. Didn't work. During a prior dredging operation the top of the boom of the bucket dredge hit one of the wires and knocked a few thousand homes off the grid. You can still see which wire was destroyed and replaced, it's the one with a different color than the others.

RocCementDock2018-Current.jpg [ 233.82 KiB | Viewed 886 times ]
RocCementDockTemp2015-2018.jpg [ 223.26 KiB | Viewed 886 times ]
RocCementDockBefore2015.jpg [ 235.48 KiB | Viewed 886 times ]

Author:  Guest [ June 10, 2021, 11:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: McKeil Spirit in Rochester NY

The Turning Point Park parking lot and river overlook are at the east end of Boxart Street, which runs from Lake Avenue. The pneumatic cement tubes cross the Genesee Riverway Trail twice (it switches back) once above, and once below, and you can definitely hear them working when they're unloading.

They trim the trees below the viewing overlook periodically, but not lately and things are pretty well leafed out now. Still, you may be able to get get a shot of part of the ship from the overlook, but will have to settle for lower angle views of the other parts from the trail(s) down below.

About the best way to get a shot of the whole ship is from the walkway or dolphins around the turning basin, and if you can catch her doing her departure turn, that's a treat. They were dredging in the turning basin on May 31, not sure whether they're finished there yet, but if they're still working, how that will affect what she does (the SB Roman supposedly backed all the way out to the lake at least once due to inability to turn).

Author:  Glenelg [ June 10, 2021, 10:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: McKeil Spirit in Rochester NY

There is no access from across the river, it is a marsh. The only way to get down there is to park at Turning Point Park and walk down the steep path to her. Trees and bushes will be in your way for pics. One can take photos from top of parking lot, but that is a side shot. Use common sense while in this area and lock vehicle. The hill down and up is steep.

Author:  Brimley Jim [ June 9, 2021, 2:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: McKeil Spirit in Rochester NY

Thanks Mr. Link. Doesn't look like there is much access to photograph around the dock area itself. I believe she will be at the dock when I get to Rochester and won't leave the dock until after I have to leave Sunday morning. Anyone else have some knowledge on taking pictures of her at the dock or across the river from the dock? Thanks all.

Author:  Mr Link [ June 9, 2021, 12:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: McKeil Spirit in Rochester NY

Shooting it at the dock might be difficult, although it has honestly been years since I've been to Rochester, so it might have changed. But if you catch it coming in or going out, there is now a recreational trail along the west side of the river for most of the length from the dock to the harbor piers. Here is an aerial (drone I assume) shot showing the recreational trail along the turning basin. You can see the dock towards downtown. Drone View

Author:  Brimley Jim [ June 9, 2021, 12:17 pm ]
Post subject:  McKeil Spirit in Rochester NY

I will be in Rochester NY late Saturday afternoon and the McKeil Spirit is scheduled to be unloading cement at the Lehigh Cement Dock. How accessible is the dock area to get pictures? Any tips as to best time of day? I will be staying at the Hyatt Regency about 6 miles from the dock area. Thanks for the assistance.

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