Oberstar and Jackson

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Re: Oberstar and Jackson

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Denny I’ll have to find my photo of being aboard the Columbia Star one season downbound in the Detroit River with the Bob-Lo boat Columbia right behind us, blowing one long signal we met the upbound St. Clair and right on her stern was the other Bob-Lo boat St.Clare … all of us within a quarter mile of the Detroit River. Good times!

Oberstar and Jackson

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It was mentioned I think in Today’s History of both the Shenango II and Herbert C. Jackson entering service on this day in history of May 14, 1959. The Shenango II of course later was sold to Interlake and later was renamed Charles M. Beeghly. She was then renamed again later to as we know her now the Hon. James L. Oberstar. Point is, yesterday it was only fitting they were both downbound on the St. Clair River in the afternoon together. The Oberstar was followed by the Jackson about an hour or later with each going to Detroit or Dearborn to unload. Both looked great too I may add. Love seeing the classic style ships like those two!
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